NextGen Children's Training Balance Bike with 12 Inch Tires, Blue : 12BALBK-BLU

NextGen Children's Training Balance Bike with 12 Inch Tires, Blue

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Brand: NextGen
Condition: New
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When it comes to coming of age moments in your child's life, one of the first is the day they learn to ride a bike. Start them off early by learning the basics of balance and body coordination with the NextGen Children's Training Balance Bike.

Thanks to its no-pedal design, this children's training bike features lets your young toddlers learn to ride a bicycle without struggling to pedal. This allows them to learn the important concepts of balance and dexterity without exhausting their little bodies. The bicycle's low-to-the-ground profile also keeps your little kiddos safe, reducing injury if they fall over.

An adjustable seat allows you to adjust the bike as your child grows, while 12-inch tires provide a smooth ride even over rougher terrain. A rear-wheel hand brake and independent handlebars give your child full control of the balance bike, allowing them to ride at their comfort level. The balance bike even includes a rear kickstand so the bike is upright and ready to go whenever the next training session or spontaneous fun occurs.

Your child doesn't have to grow up today, but with this balance bike from NextGen, they can learn to ride their bicycle a little sooner.

  • NextGen Balance Bikes are great for helping your child learn the balance and dexterity required to ride a bike at a young age
  • No-pedal design allows your child to focus on balance and coordination without struggling to pedal
  • Independent handlebars give your child full control of steering motion
  • 12-inch tires provide a sturdy ride even over uneven ground
  • Adjustable seat grows with your child
  • Low-to-ground profile reduces injury in the event your child falls
  • Rear hand-brake safetly slows the bike if your child go
  • Kickstand located near rear tire keeps bicycle upright and ready to be hopped on
  • Color: Blue
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