Bull Himalayan Pink Salt Block & Avant Grill Brush w/ Natural Bristles : BOPA-24300 + BOPA-24272
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Bull Himalayan Pink Salt Block & Avant Grill Brush w/ Natural Bristles

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SKU: BOPA-24300 + BOPA-24272
Brand: Bull Outdoor Products
Condition: New
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There's a surprising number of ways the Bull Gourmet Himalayan Pink Salt Block can work in your kitchen.

Through natural use, foods cooked or served on the block will naturally absorb the seasoning of the Himalayan salt. That makes it a great way to give fish, steak, and vegetables a clean and crisp salty flavor. It also causes the food to take in healthy minerals, increasing the nutrition of your meals. Even when not in use, it's beautiful pink shade serves as a wonderful decorative piece to any kitchen.

Whether you're hoping to make a well-seasoned salmon or simply searching for a creative way to serve guests, the Bull Gourmet Himalayan Pink Salt Block could be a great way to enhance how you dine at home.


Few would argue with the fact that the least-fun part of grilling is having to clean up afterward. But with the Bull Avant Soft Grip Handle Big-Head Grill Brush, you can make that job satisfying.

Perfect for use on all kinds of grills - even porcelain grill grates, it's built with all natural palmyra bristle brush hairs to remove burnt residue and grease thoroughly. You can also count on it to stay strong while working on those extra-tough spots thanks to the durable body.

They say grills should be cleaned after each use. With this Avant soft grip brush, following that rule won't sound so bad anymore.

  • Bull Gourmet Himalayan Salt Block
    • Himalayan salt block perfect for grilling or displaying food
    • Salt in the slab flows naturally into any food cooked on top of it, seasoning with the clean and light flavor of natural salt
    • Food cooked on the block will also take in healthy minerals from the pink salt
    • Also makes a great serving dish for berries, deli-meats, and cheeses
    • Beautiful pink color makes for a great decoration when not in use
    • Wide size keeps food from slipping off the edge when cooking
    • Color: Pink
    • Dimensions: 14 x 3 x 12 inches
    • Weight: 15.57 pounds
    • Part number: BOPA-24300
    • Manufacturer warranty: Other (see description)
  • Bull Avant Soft Grip Handle Big-Head Grill Brush
    • Cleaning brush for removing grime and charred food from grill grates
    • Large brush head size lets you cover more grill in less time
    • Durable body stays strong through heavy scraping
    • Soft grip handle makes it comfortable to hold
    • All natural palmyra bristle brush hair thoroughly removes grime from grill bars
    • Safe for all grills including porcelain
    • Replaceable head is easy to switch out when needed
    • Integrated hook design makes it easy to store
    • Color: Silver
    • Part number: BOPA-24272
    • Manufacturer warranty: Other (see description)
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