Bull Grill and Grate Cleaner & Dual Handle Grill Brush : BOPA-25160 + BOPA-24238
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Bull Grill and Grate Cleaner & Dual Handle Grill Brush

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SKU: BOPA-25160 + BOPA-24238
Brand: Bull Outdoor Products
Condition: New
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Keeping your grill clean during the spring and summer months can be a tall task. From the weekend barbecues to the weeknight meals, gunk and left on food particles can do a number on your grill. Keep it clean and running its best with the Bull Grill and Grate Cleaner.

This spray cleaner is a non-toxic and fast-acting way to clean both the interior and exterior of your grills. It's safe for the use on metals and plastics and can easily be rinsed off with the application of water.

From grills and smokers to indoor ranges, this formula can keep your cooking appliances cleaner for longer.


Grilling truly is a staple of the summer months. It's tough to beat the smell of meat and veggies out on the grill. Unfortunately, along with grilling, comes stuck on food particles. Properly clean your grill and keep it running smoother, for longer, with the Bull Dual Handle Spiral Grill Brush.

This dual handle grill brush makes scrubbing away stuck on stains and particles easier than ever before. The spiral head allows for a great range of scrubbing motion, while the dual handle gives you a better grip when in use. Use it in conjunction with soap and water or even on it's own, to get your grill grates clean.

Keep your grill in great condition and primed for grilling with this brush from Bull.

  • Bull Grill and Grate Cleaner 24 Oz Spray
    • 24 ounces of non-toxic, fast-acting grill and grate cleaner spray
    • Formulated to work well on grills, smokers, slow cookers, range hoods, vents, filter's bbq's, stove tops, and more
    • Can clean the interior or exterior of the grill
    • Safe for use on metals and plastics
    • Can be rinsed off with the application of water
    • Part number: BOPA-25160
    • Manufacturer warranty: Other (see description)
  • Bull Dual Handle Spiral Grill Brush
    • Dual handle design make scrubbing the grates of your grill easier than ever before
    • Features a spiral head
    • Designed to remove stuck on food particles
    • Excellent way to clean your grill after use
    • Can be used along with soap and water
    • Color: Black
    • Part number: BOPA-24238
    • Manufacturer warranty: Other (see description)
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