PEAK Lighting Power Vision 9008 H13 65W Bright White Halogen Headlight Bulbs : 9008PV-2BPP

PEAK Lighting Power Vision 9008 H13 65W Bright White Halogen Headlight Bulbs

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SKU: 9008PV-2BPP
Brand: Peak
Condition: New
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Your nighttime drive home shouldn't cause you to stress- view the road with ease with PEAK's bright headlight replacement bulb: the Peak Power Vision 9008 H13 65W Bright White Halogen Headlight Bulb.

This 2-pack of bulbs will help you relax those squinty eyes as you try to spot the white road marks to stay in your lane. At 65 watts, with precision-coiled, high-output-boosted filaments, and precision mixed halogen gases, these bulbs will illuminate your evening or early morning drive.

These great-for-night lights feature a T-5 base and are compatible with any H13 or 9008 vehicle.

Remember to always replace lights in pairs, as to keep your light beams symmetrical, and to never touch the glass bulbs with bare hands- always use a paper towel or wear gloves when handing these fragile filament-filled fellows.

  • 65-watt bright white halogen bulbs are H13 or 9008 vehicle compatible
  • Bulbs should be replaced in pairs to keep the light beams shining symmetrically when you hit the road
  • Precision-coiled, high-output-boosted lamp filaments produce a high energy light pattern
  • Precision mixed halogen cycle gases for high, bright performance- even at nighttime
  • Never touch the glass when installing a new bulb- always use a barrier such as a paper towel or gloves
  • Specifications:
    • Shape: T-5
    • Type use: H13
    • Volts: 12.8
    • Watts: 65
    • Amps: 5.08/4.30
    • CP: 120/80
    • Average life: 250/1500
    • Base: Axial prefocus, H13
    • MOL: 3.68/93.6
    • MOD (in/mm): 0.63/16.0
    • Filament: C-8
  • Color: Bright white
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1-year warranty
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