Flip U2120B

Flip U2120B UltraHD Camcorder 8 GB

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SKU: U2120B
Brand: Flip
Condition: New
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The Flip U2120B Ultra features a 8 GB built in memory for more recording, built in flip-out USB plug so you don't have to carry around a separate cable, 2" LCD screen witt anti glare coating. Indoors or outdoors, Flip U2120B records stunning HD quality videos.

The Flip UltraHD is all about being able to do more with less. More recording time (2 hours), more options (rechargeable batteries & 2 x digital zoom), larger LCD screen, 2 channel stereo audio and crisper 720P HD video image. All of the great features found in more expensive camcorders but without the high price tag or the large size. The Flip UltraHD high definition camcorder comes with a rechargeable battery, wrist wrap and soft pouch for protection.

Despite its light weight & compact design Flip U2120B UltraHD's performance will exceed your expectation even in low light conditions. The Flip UltraHD makes it super simple to shoot and share videos. Upload your videos to YouTube or share it with your friends on Facebook.

For more details please see the features tab.

  • New Flip U2120B UlraHD 8 GB Handheld Camcorder (Black)
  • Built in 8 GB Memory (Up to 120 minutes of Recording)
  • 2" LCD Anti Glare Screen
  • One Touch Recording
  • Child Safe Mode - Prevents Accidental deletion of Video Clips
  • Digital Zoom
  • HD 720P
  • 1280 x 720
  • 16:9 Widescreen
  • 30 fps
  • Convenient USB Port
  • Advanced Playback,Pause,Fast Forward and Rewind Features
  • Included:
    • Camcorder
    • Rechargeable Batteries
    • Wrist Strap
    • Soft Case
    • Quickstart Guide
  • Minimum System Required:
    • PC: 3.0 Ghz Intel Premium 4 or faster processor
    • Windows XP SP2 with 512 MB or RAM or Vista with 1 GB of RAM, and USB 2.0 Port
    • Mac: 1.66 Ghz PowerPC G4, Intel Core or faster processor
    • 1 GB or RAM, OS X Tiger 10.4 or Leopard 10.5, and USB 2.0 Port
  • Product Condition: Brand New
  • Part Number: U1120B
  • 1 Year vminnovations Warranty
Written by on Dec 22, 2011
Great Product
Nice great video camera for everyday recording such as YouTube,Facebook,etc.The device has a matt black finish with a nice silver bezzel.The product inly came in a Tyvek package with no support (Bubble wrap,packing peanuts,air bags) and the box was a little dented :(.The product it self looked safe and good.No scratches or marks!Packaging;2 Product:5
Would I recommend this to a friend or family member? Yes
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Written by from Illinois on May 4, 2012
Easy to use

Love the Flip!! This is a really great little product.  So easy to use, very straightforward... even Grandma uses it with no problem at all!  There is a big red button to record.  Easy playback and zoom.  The software is super easy to use too.  In a few seconds everything downloads automatically and with one click you can share via social media, email... tons of options.  So easy.  I highly recommend it. 

Would I recommend this to a friend or family member? Yes
  • Simple to Set Up
  • Looks Good
  • Sturdy
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