Bora Tool Saw Guide 4-Piece Set with Saw Guide : AFT-543400

Bora Tool Saw Guide 4-Piece Set with Saw Guide

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SKU: AFT-543400
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Versatility is key when it comes to power tools. Too many tools and accessories equal too many problems. Add some versatility to your current array of saws with Bora Tool Saw Guide 4-Piece Set with Saw Guide.

This saw set will, without a doubt, help you make better cuts. The blades come ready for cutting and thanks to the help of the ridged aluminum straight edge guide, you can bet you'll get straight and accurate cuts everytime. This set includes 1 24-inch clamp, 1 50-inch clamp, 1 50-inch extension, and a WTX Clamp Edge saw guide. All in all, this set works with circular saws, routers, jigsaws, and other portable power tools, and will help make you a better cutter and extend your cutting capacity.

Cut out the excess tools and accesories and opt for this Bora Tool set to help you cut like a pro.

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  • Clamps and extension set for use with all circular saws, routers, jigsaws, and other portable power tools
  • Set includes 1 24-inch clamp, 1 50-inch clamp, 1 50-inch extension, and a WTX Clamp Edge saw guide
  • Ridged aluminum straight edge guide makes for striaght and accurate cuts
  • Features a soft-grip, non-marring rubberized clamping pad to help securely grip surfaces
  • Modular design allows for added capacity expansion up to 100 inches
  • Use with a circular saw for unmatched precision
  • Saws can still be used for free hand cutting with plate attached
  • Can be used on clamp edges up to 3.5 inches wide
  • Manufacturer warranty: Lifetime warranty

Written by from San Diego, CA on Dec 1, 2018 Verified Buyer
Worth the money
Ok, so, if your in need of a modular track saw system, it is probably because you don't have an expensive table saw that can crosscut or rip 1/32" off a full sheet of material. So, you need a track system, but, you're just not sure. Well, neither was I. It took quite a bit of research and returning my first choice (HATED IT- Kreg Accucut KMA2700) before I took the plunge into that which is Bora. So, first of all, you can spend money all over the place for different configurations of the system. For me, I finally settled on the idea that I need to crosscut often small pieces from full sheets. I am a contractor and don't have the means otherwise to get the precision of a large system, nor can I drop huge money on something I don't use all that often. Well, Bora fits the bill. So, I got the saw sled with the 2' and 8' tracks. I've used the 4' track very much and bolted the 2' and other 4' together for longer cuts. For my current projects, this has worked quite well. I can always tell configure them with only 4 screws. Nice. When you butt together any 2 pieces of extruded, semi flexible, aluminum track, yes, the joint won't be precision. I can say from use, the imprecision of the joint does not affect my cut. I trim off 1/64" at 8'. No problem. When my saw gets to the far track end, I do have to contend with a slight restriction if free movement due to the flex of the track from the lock holdibg it to the material. This is a mild annoyance and does not hurt my cuts. That said, I did have to modify my sled as any sled out there is made to fit a variety of makes and models of saw, so, it is pretty generic, which any thinker would expect. As such, it just doesn't hold the saw to the sled appropriately. It makes for slop in the cuts and it just doesn't sit well with me. I can't blame Bora for this. They cannot offer sleds for every make of circular saw out there. So, I had to put a little contractor enginuity into it by locking down the saw with the provided means, drilling through the sled into my saw plate 4 times and tapping the holes to 8/32 threads. I now screwed them together with 8/32 screws. Badda Bing! I'm back in action with a solid saw system that cuts accurate wherever I need it. I'm sold. Oh, excuse me, would you like another? Why yes please, I believe I would, thank you very much!
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