Amcor IntelliTrap

Amcor IntelliTrap Bug Trap

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The IntelliTrap Mosquito Device enhances your comfort for outdoor or indoor activities, events and entertaining. Flying pests are eliminated, quickly and quietly, by a large parabolic concave heating surface and an all-natural, non-toxic mosquito attractant. The IntelliTrap Mosquito Device unique shape, color and heated surface are irresistible to pesky, disease-carrying mosquitoes, houseflies and other insects.

Does not include attractants

  • Efficient and long life UV tube
  • Ground or hanging flexible uses
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Brand New. Amcor IntelliTrap Mosquito Trap
  • What's in the box:
    • Amcor AMI-3 IntelliTrap Insect Trap
    • 12V adapter for camping and outdoor use
  • Enhances outdoor comfort
  • Improves indoor environment
  • Patented Technology
  • UV light combined with chemical Mosquito attractant ((Attractant Sold Separately)
  • Safe Technology
  • Ground or hanging flexible uses
  • Innovative product design
  • UL Listed Transformer
  • Efficient and long life UV tube
  • Specifically designed reflector and funnel structure coated with titanium dioxide (Ti02), for CO2 release
  • Separate chamber for release of humidity and optional attractants
  • Specially engineered air flow for optimum suction and counter flow release of humidity and attractant
  • The unit will operate very efficiently without the attractant which makes it an extra feature, rather than a required feature
  • Operating Voltage: 12V
  • Voltage: 115V
  • Dimensions: 7" W x 8.2" D x 9.4" H
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs
  • Power: 30W
  • Product Condition: BRAND NEW
  • Model: Amcor AMI-3 IntelliTrap
  • 1 Year Warranty
Written by from New York on Sep 19, 2011 Verified Buyer
Catches all sorts of bugs but few mosquitoes

The Intellitrap is easy to set up and use. It actually catches a fair amount of flying insects and bugs. Unfortunately, it catches few mosquitoes if any - which was my primary purpose in purchasing this product. The bait that it comes with is a liquid made out of yogurt???

If you need a trap to catch miscellaneous flying creatures, this may suffice. But for mosquitoes, look elsewhere.

Would I recommend this to a friend or family member? No
  • Simple to Set Up
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