Finding Your Perfect Stroller

Selecting the perfect stroller is easier than you might think. First, you need to decide how youíll be using your stroller. If you enjoy running or long walks, we suggest a jogging stroller from either Schwinn or InStep. If youíll be using your stroller to take your little one to the mall or for short walks in the park, then weíd suggest a cruising stroller from Quinny, Eddie Bauer, Cosco, or Safety First.

Jogging Strollers

If youíve decided on a jogging stroller, youíll now need to choose a wheel type. Schwinn and InStep jogging strollers come with two wheel types to choose from: fixed wheel or swivel wheel.

The fixed wheel is perfect if youíll be taking long runs on the trail. Because itís fixed it offers more stability and control at higher speeds. However, it can also be more difficult to navigate tight turns, such as in a shopping mall or grocery store.

Swivel wheel strollers are great for the more casual joggers. These strollers offer a front wheel that is able to turn completely around to enhance your navigation in tight turns, and then locks into place when itís time to run. However, the front wheel on this type of jogging stroller is often smaller than what you would find on fixed wheel strollers, and may not offer the same amount of control at higher speeds compared to a fixed wheel jogger.

In addition, InStep and Schwinn offer single and double jogging strollers in both fixed and swivel wheel models. Most of the InStep and Schwinn jogging strollers come with an easy-to-use one hand fold system to easily pack the stroller for transportation and storage.

Cruising Strollers

We carry a large variety of cruising strollers from Quinny, Eddie Bauer, Cosco, and Safety First. Cruising strollers offer easy navigation, ample storage space, and excellent comfort for your little one. These are perfect for trips to the mall, the grocery store, or even a walk in the park.

If itís style youíre after, check out our Quinny strollers. They come in a variety of designer colors, 3-wheel and 4-wheel configurations, and have a sleek, modern design.