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Audio Perfection in Your Living Room

You bought the big TV, the comfy couch, and you always have a pack of popcorn handy. There’s only one thing missing from your near-perfect setup. Audio! Your home theater system is never complete without excellent home audio equipment from good ol' VMInnovations. Not to mention, we always have audio equipment for the great outdoors so you can throw a big bash or quiet soiree with the perfect soundtrack playing in the background.

We carry sound bars, speakers, receivers, amplifiers, subwoofers, and more - all for the sound in your home to always sound awesome. We even have all the audio accessories you need to get your audio setup just right.

Place the speakers strategically around the room for a surround sound experience you’ll love. Your guests will jump out of their seats during dramatic scenes when you have the subwoofers synched with the movie. Tie the system together and amplify all the right tones with our grade A amplifiers too.

Don’t forget about the master of the domain, besides you of course: audio receivers. Our receivers help you control every sound setting and every channel from the comfort of your couch. Turn speakers on, bump up the bass, and switch between a movie and a game without getting up from your spot.

Enjoy your music, podcasts, games, movies, and every bit of media in your home with great home audio equipment from VMInnovations.