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Just Like the Movie Theaters

Whether you love to entertain in the living room or on the patio, we have a full suite of home entertainment solutions for even the savviest of shoppers.

Check out our home audio options we carry everything from speakers to entire audio setups. Outfit your entire home or just a room with flush-mount speakers that can install into your walls or ceilings for rich sound that fills any space. Alternatively, you can invest in speakers that mount to walls or freestanding speakers. Set up outdoor, weather-resistant speakers on your deck or patio and you can entertain and host parties on those warm summer nights.

Grab your popcorn and blanket and dim the lights, because you'll feel like you're at the movies when you set up your TV with one of our complete home theater systems. They have everything you need, from speakers and subwoofers to sound bars and stereo receivers, to give you that surround-sound, movie theater experience in your own living room.

Life is better set to sweet sound, so fill your home with all the home audio and home entertainment tech you need with a little help from VMInnovations.