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Live Sound & Recording

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Liven Up Your Live Sound and Recording Routine

Nothing compares to the feeling you get when you're at a show and the lights and colors mix into a wonderful blur and take you to a higher level. Our products will help you provide that special feeling to your own concert-goers and listeners in the form of DJ light effects, smoke machines, loudspeakers, and so much more.

Make a grand entrance with moonflower and pinspot laser lights that'll twirl around and cut through the haze of your brand-new fog machine. LED can lights, strobes, and black lights will give your set the ambiance that's needed to set the mood. Rockin' loudspeakers and amplifiers, paired with large subwoofers ensure that everyone will feel the bass bump in their bones.

Maybe you're creating music in your in-home or professional studio and need the perfect microphones, monitors, stands, cabling, and other recording equipment to get the sound just right. Mix your tunes on any number of our DJ controllers and hit the perfect note with our variety of instrument and vocal microphones.

From karaoke to sold-out arena shows, we have all the gear that will help you share your talents with the world and make quite the impression while you're at it.