Happy Trails Await

    Our intrepid customers know and trust our camping and hiking products. With brands like Coleman, Wenzel, and Tahoe Gear, you’re sure to leave your next camping excursion wanting more time outdoors.

    Camping can be intense, but it helps to be in tents! Our tents range from a snug 2-person tent that fits you and your gear to a 14-person tent for you and your extended family. We also have tent canopies, rain guards, and other accessories that combat the elements for you.

    After you’re done with the long hike or backpacking for the day, you need a place to lay your head. If the bare ground’s no good, our sleeping bags, pads, air mattresses, or cots will do the trick. Squeeze in some extra sleeping space with our bunked cots or lounge in luxury with a large, padded air mattress.

    If you don’t want to spend your sunlight hours hunting or gathering, store food in our coolers and jugs. We have soft sided coolers to pack a big lunch or steel-belted equipment that can take a beating. You can also cook your own food up in the mountains with our camping cookware, including stove and aluminum cookware sets.

    Going on a journey and looking for more equipment? Bold explorers can find other accessories like lanterns, compasses, climbing gear, and more. For the bold, the fearless, maybe even reckless – VMInnovations’ camping and hiking products will push you to new heights.