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Ah.... the Great Outdoors

Who doesn’t love exploring the great outdoors? Everyone loves spending some quality time in the sunshine. You know who else loves outdoor recreation? VMInnovations, of course.

We have enough hiking and camping gear to outfit you for an afternoon trek or a 2-week backpack across Europe. Our tents, sleeping bags, and air mattresses will make any spot feel like a home away from home. Stash your food in a cooler to keep it fresh throughout the trip! We’ve got grills, flashlights, and other gear for all your adventuring needs. When it’s time to move campsites, pack it all up in our trail backpacks.

Perhaps you enjoy the water more than the land? Our boating and water sports selection may interest you! We have inflatable fishing boats, kayaks, towables for thrill-seeking tubers, and paddleboards for the yogi in you. If you’re the brave soul who ventures into the wild when it’s cold and snowy, bring our winter toys with you! Who knows what you’ll find in the snow bank or our store? Could it be snowshoes or even a snow tube? Whatever it is, we can guarantee a good time.

Maybe you spend time outdoors for more practical reasons, like your daily commute. Our cycling section includes dirt bikes as well as other safety equipment like helmets and pads! If you’d rather take a spin around the block, our go-karts are ready and rearing.

Whatever reason you have for going outside, we have the right equipment to make the trip worth it.