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Take the Joys of Boating Anywhere

Take to the high seas (on your favorite lake or stream) without the hassle of pulling a full-size motor boat or fishing boat along with your vehicle. Instead, pack up an inflatable boat from VMInnovations and inflate it right on site.

These rafts aren’t limited to your typical rubber dinghy either. Crafted out of high quality vinyl and other durable materials, these blow up boats are designed specifically to stand up to heavy outdoor use in all sorts of weather without sacrificing portability or convenience. We also carry models that hold multiple passengers.

From inflatable kayaks that are great for a fun weekend paddling with friends, to larger rib boats and inflatable fishing boats that are ideal for a quiet weekend on the water fishing, our selection of boats runs as deep as your favorite fishing hole. Equipped in several variations with important components and accessories like oars and inflation pumps, taking a Zodiac boat or Intex inflatable boat out for a day of adventure is easier than ever.

Whether you’re backpacking with a boat in tow up to a remote alpine lake for some fishing, or just meeting up with some friends for a weekend of fun, our selection will keep you afloat.