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Hunting Gear That'll Trip Your Trigger

The most experienced outdoorsmen and hunters know - the key to a successful day in the field starts with preparation and ends with patience, and at VMInnovations we have all the hunting gear and hunting equipment you need to prepare for an unforgettable season.

The perfect shot of the season begins long before you take aim, so do some serious scouting in the off-season with our wide selection of trail cameras from brands thousands of sportsmen count on like Browning, Moultrie, Stealth Cam and Cuddeback. We carry everything from 5 megapixel cameras to suped-up 20 megapixel invisible infrared cams with HD video and more. Find the perfect camera for you and figure out exactly when, where, and under what conditions your deer, turkey, predators, and other game are moving.

Make it easier on yourself and buy your camera in a package with compatible accessories like SD cards, tree and post mounts, security boxes, digital photo viewers, and external battery power packs. Draw in deer and other wildlife with our bountiful selection of deer feeders, feed mixes, and attractants, or outfit your ATV with a seed spreader for more robust food plots.

Whether you're a bowhunter or rifle hunter, find the perfect vantage point with an ladder stand or tree stand from Summit. Carry a portable stand into the middle of anywhere on your back, or pack in the rest of your gear and equipment with a hunting bag. If you want to hunt smarter, check out our selection of hunting electronics and wireless modems, as well as ear protection and hearing enhancement like earmuffs from Walker's.

No matter how you choose to get out into the field, VMInnovations has the gear you need to make luck on a hunt almost obsolete.