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Kitchen & Dining

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Blenders, Toasters, and More... Oh My!

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and we have all kinds of accessories and appliances to get that heart racing.

Our selection of kitchen appliances and electronics includes, but is not limited to, blenders by premium brands like Ninja and Tristar, digital toasters, coffeemakers, and niche appliances like breakfast sandwich makers.

You never know what our kitchen accessories have in store. It could be a meat tenderizer, a veggie peeler, a paddle or box grater, or even a blender cookbook. For the more seasoned chef, we have a variety of steel and ceramic cutlery available for your chopping, mincing, and dicing needs. Whether you need a new set of paring knives, a serrated bread knife, a Santoku knife, or the whole set, you can find them hanging out in our cutlery section with their sheaths.

Maybe you’re more of a baker than a butcher or a candlestick maker. Our bakeware collection hosts grills and griddles galore, ceramic cookware sets, slow cookers, and large roaster ovens. Our cookware sets range from a frying pan to the whole kit and caboodle!

For exceptional kitchen gadgets at exceptional prices, check the Kitchen & Dining section. We’ve got everything but the kitchen sink.