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Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

Manually cleaning your pool can be a pain and complete time suck. Luckily, VMInnovations has plenty of robotic pool vacuums to clean the pool floor and walls for you. They suck up dirt and debris, not spare time.

There is dirt, leaves, and mold inside your pool that needs to be removed! Aquabots, roll out! We carry brands like Hayward, Kokido, and Aquabot because their robotic pool cleaners are efficient and durable. Some come with their own caddy for the cords and filter replacements, and some even have remote controls. Now thatís what we call innovation. After running your robot friend a few times, your pool water will be clearer and cleaner than ever.

Splashing around in the pool with your friends is all fun and games until you feel a cord or hose slowly wrap around your foot and tug. Even though itís just a pool skimmer, you canít help but panic and wonder what crazed maniac is trying to pull you to your doom. Good news - we have an array of robotic pool cleaners that are cord and hose-free, and allow you to enjoy your pool time in peace. Aquabots can be dropped into any above ground or inground pool and will clean the pool floor below you so you can swim while it removes dirt and debris. Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.