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You don’t have to live near the beach to enjoy the water in the warm season, and with a little help, you can create a cool, tropical getaway right in your backyard with an above ground swimming pool or spa from VMInnovations, plus all the cleaning and maintenance supplies you need for a summer full of more fun time and less work time.

With great pools come great responsibility, which is why we carry all those fixings that keep your pool or hot tub fresh, clean, and running like a champ. From chlorinating tablets, filter cartridges, covers, and sand filter pumps, to hoses, adaptors, pool vacuums, and robotic cleaners, we’ve got all the pool tools and pool parts you need to keep your aquatic summer haven in tip-top shape.

Make your swimming pool or spa a blast for your friends or family with our collection of water toys, pool loungers, slides, and ladders. You haven’t experienced true summer fun until you’ve ridden the gentle waves of an Intex metal frame pool atop a majestic American Eagle Pool float. That’s not just the barbeque you’re smelling, it’s freedom.

Don’t spend all summer running back and forth to the store buying pool supplies. Everything you need, from necessities to accessories, is just a click away from your doorstep with VMInnovations.