Indoor Gardening & Hydroponics
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Indoor Gardening & Hydroponics

Jump Start CK64060 Germination Hot House with Heat Mat, Tray, Cell Insert & Dome
SunBlaster SL0900304 54W 6400K 4 Foot Grow Light Ballast with NanoTech Reflector
Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLCDG125D 125 Watt CFL Indoor Gardening Grow Light System
SunBlaster SL0900303 39W 6400K NanoTech T5HO Reflector with 3 Foot Light Fixture
TurboKlone T48D Black Label Commercial Grade 48 Plant Cloner with Humidity Dome
Hydrofarm ACDF4 Active Air 4 Inch Hydroponic Inline Fan with Brackets, 165 CFM
Active Aqua GFOE2 6 Pot 2-Gallon Hydroponic Grow Flow Expansion Kit System
Hydrofarm AAPA15L Active Aqua 6W 240 GPH Hydroponic Aquarium 4 Outlet Air Pump
Agrobrite Hydrofarm FLC32D 32 Watt Compact Spiral Fluorescent Grow Light Bulb
Hydrofarm TM01715D 7 Day 8 Programs Dual Outlet Digital Programmable Timer
EZ-Clone Hydroponics Low Pro 16 Site HDPE Plastic Cloning Cutting System, Black
Active Aqua RS5GAL4SYS Root Spa 5-Gallon 4-Bucket Deep Water Culture System
SunBlaster 1600218 T5HO Grow Light Garden Micro w/ 1 Strip Light & T5 Reflector
Dyna-Gro Home Gro'n Complete Indoor Plant Growing Hydroponics System Starter Kit
SunBlaster SL0900156 Fluorescent CFL 6400K Self-Ballasted Light Bulb, 26 Watts
Earthwater Pumps EW-10000 Submersible Pump for Fountain, Pond, & Hydroponics
Autopilot APC8200 Hydroponics CO2 Monitor and Controller with 15
Jobe Megaflow J-MFV1D Short Tail Water Stock Tank Trough Float Valve, 1 Inch
Jobe Valves Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Water Level Indicator, Yellow (10 Pack)
EZ Clone EZWP925 800GPH Replacement High Output Hydroponics Pond Water Pump
Active Aqua HGTB75WB 3/4 Inch Diameter Hydroponic Irrigation Tubing, 100', White
Active Aqua HGTB100 1 Inch Diameter Hydroponic Irrigation Tubing, 100 Ft, Black
Rain Bird 1/2 Inch Blank Distribution Dripline Drip Irrigation Tubing, 500 Feet
AutoPilot APE2200 Revolve F20 Digital Repeat Cycle Grow Light Combo Timer, White
Sybo DL2112-B 1200 Watt Commercial Grade Dual Bulb Food Warmer Heat Lamp, Black
Delavan 3222-421F-SB SmartFLO 12 VDC Diaphragm Pump w/ 100 PSI & 2.2 GPM Flow
Carambola FS021F 2 x 2 Foot LED Far Red Spectrum Hydroponics Grow Light Sun Lamp
Carambola FS021DM 2 x 2 Foot LED Commercial Hydroponics Grow Light Sun Lamp
Morton Potassium Chloride Water Softener Pellets with Less Sodium, 40 Pound Bag
Jump Start JSV2T 24 Watt T5 Adjustable Grow Light System w/ 2 Foot Stand & Timer
Active Aqua GFOE3 Flow 2.0 6 Pot 5-Gallon Hydroponic Grow Flow Expansion Kit
Jobe Valves MFV0100D Megaflow Short Tail Float Trough Valve, 1 Inch, Yellow
Jobe Valves TPV0075D Topaz Short Tail Trough Float Valve, 3/4 Inch Inlet, Yellow
Apache 70001500 Round-Hole Rust-Resistant Plated Steel Suction Strainer, Silver
Hydrofarm EZREZGAL EZ Clone Clear Rez Hydroponic & Soil Water Treatment 1 Gallon
Earthwater Pumps EW-6100 Submersible Pump for Fountain, Pond, & Hydroponics
HydroLogic HL31035 Stealth RO150 Reverse Osmosis Hydroponics Water Filter System
Phat IGS6HEPA 6-Inch HEPA Intake Filter for Plant Greenhouse or Growroom Fans
Hydrofarm 3 Inch Mesh Hydroponic Gardening Net Cup Pot for Plants, (12 Pack)
Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLB125W Compact 125W 2700K Warm Fluorescent Grow Light Lamp
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