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Indoor Gardening & Hydroponics

Quantum QT1000 1000 Watt HPS & MH Dimmable Digital Grow 120V Light Lamp Ballast
Active Aqua AAPW1000 92W 1000GPH Submersible Hydroponic Aquarium Pond Water Pump
Quantum QT600 600 Watt HPS & MH Dimmable Digital Grow Light Lamp Ballast
Hydrofarm ABWP10 Heavy Duty 100 x 10 Reflective Hydroponic Waterproof Poly Film
Active Aqua AACH25HP 0.25 HP 396-925 GPH 120V Hydroponic Cooling Water Chiller
Jump Start CK64050 Germination Station with Heat Mat, Tray, Cell Insert & Dome
Autopilot APCEM2 Hydroponic Gardening CO2 RH Temperature Monitor and Data Logger
Active Aqua GFO7CB Grow Flow Ebb System and Gro Controller Unit with 2 Pumps
Hydrofarm FLT44 Agrobrite 4-Tube Hydroponic 4' Grow Light Fixture 216W w/ Bulbs
TurboKlone T24 Black Label Commercial Grade 24 Site Indoor Plant Cloner Machine
Superoots Air-Pot 1 Gallon Equivalent Garden Propagation Pot Planter Container
Active Air HORF6 6in Clip-On 5W Brushless Motor Hydroponic Grow Fan for Gardens
Active Air ACFB8 8 Inch Hydroponics Inline Duct Booster Fan 471 CFM, Green
Active Aqua RS5GALSYS Root Spa 5-Gal Hydroponic Bucket Deep Water Culture System
Jump Start MTPRTC Hydroponic Seedling Heat Mat Digital Thermostat Controller
NEW! LIGHT RAIL 4.2 AdjustaDrive Complete Grow Light Hanger Reflector Mover Kit
Hydrofarm HGPP400C Precision Curved Blade Flower Gardening Scissor Pruner
Hydrofarm Phantom CMh Reflector, Ballast, and 315W Lamp Hydroponics Kit (3100K)
Active Air ACF16 16 Inch 3-Speed Mountable Oscillating Hydroponic Grow Fan
Hydrofarm GCTR 10 Gal Tomato Garden Planting System & 4' Trellis Tower on Wheels
Hydrofarm FLT22 Agrobrite 2-Tube Hydroponic 2' Grow Light Fixture 48W w/ Bulbs
Active Aqua RS5GAL8SYS Root Spa 5-Gallon 8-Bucket Deep Water Culture System
Jump Start MT10009 107 Watt 48 x 20 Inch Hydroponic UL Listed Seedling Heat Mat
LIGHT RAIL 3.5 Intelli-Drive 10RPM Motor Grow Light Mover Reflector Complete Kit
Phantom II PHB2010 1000 Watt 120/240 Voltage Dimmable Digital Grow Light Ballast
Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLF27DF 27W Indoor Adjustable Standing Plant Lamp Light
Dirt Genius 19007 Hydroponic 12 x 48
TurboKlone T24D Commercial Grade 24 Plant Cloner with Dome and Klone Collars
Superoots Air-Pot THAP3 2.2 Gallon Propagation Grow Pot Plastic Planter, Single
SunBlaster SL0900151 13 Watt Indoor Plant Grow Light Set with 4 CFL Lightbulbs
Active Eye LG17010 Digital Hand Held Sunlight Footcandles Light Meter with Case
Hydrofarm MTMDA Jump Start  60
AgroBrite FLT46 6-Tube Hydroponic 4' 324W Grow Light Fixture with Bulbs, White
Active Aqua DRM58T 55 Gallon Drum Hydroponic Reservoir w/ Pre-Drilled Cover Lid
Hydrofarm JSHC12 Jump Start Soil 12 Foot Heating Cable with Built-In Thermostat
Digilux DX1000 1000 Watt HPS HID Sodium Digital Ballast Grow Lamp Light Bulb
OxyCLONE OX20SYS 20 Site Hydroponics Compact Recirculating Cloning System Kit
Active Aqua AAPW550 33W 550 GPH Submersible Hydroponic Aquarium Pond Water Pump
Quantum Horticulture QUANTUM-1000 Dimmable Digital Ballast 1000W (Open Box)
Superoots Air-Pot THAP5 3.6 Gallon Propagation Pot Planter Container, 1 Pot
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