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The Cooldown

Whether it's as hot as the Sahara out there or it just feels that way, grab one of our air conditioner units and beat the heat. Summer days get sweltering, but your home shouldn't. VMInnovations has all of the cool solutions you need to take the temp down a notch when things start to get toasty.

For extreme heat, you need something extremely cool. Let's face it, fans don't always cut it. Fans only circulate air to reduce stuffiness, they don't actually affect the temperature. Air conditioners transform warm air into cool air, move it around, and can even act as dehumidifiers.

Our portable and window air conditioners are just what you need to chill out. Choose from a variety of portable air conditioners to spot cool any room, big or small. Supplement your central air unit, or use them on their own. Portable and window air conditioners can be more cost effective, especially in older homes where the existing air ducts don't do a good job of distributing air. Portable AC units also allow you to only cool the rooms that you use.

Choose one of our units with wheels and a handle for instant coolness wherever you go. Customize the chill factor with units that offer multiple fan speeds, temperatures, and timers. Coolness is just a click away when you get a unit that features a remote control.

The summer heat and humidity can be harsh, but don't sweat it! VMInnovations has the key to coolness. Sleepless, sweaty nights spent tossing and turning will be a thing of the past. You'll soon be cool under your covers when you shop our selection of AC units.