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Let's Heat Things Up

Can’t snuggle up by the fire? No worries, now you can snuggle up by the heater. We've got all shapes and sizes of heaters to suit your style and cold-crushing needs. Trade your chilly, winter days for toasty-warm ones when you shop VMInnovations' heater selection. Your igloo-cold office and brisk bedroom will soon feel nice and snuggly.

Space heaters are a great way to quickly heat up specific rooms or certain areas of your home or office. They're also great for those frigid autumn days when you want to be warm but don't want to turn on your central heating system quite yet. Try out the Vornado Small Electric Personal Space Heater. It's available in 2 fun colors and will spice up any room up. If you want a more authentic heat source, go for the Fire Sense Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace or the Haier Fireplace Frame Infrared Zone Heater. Both of these heaters look and sound like a real fireplace and are sure to optimize the coziness factor of any room. Be sure to hide the marshmallows because the kids just might think they're real- and that could get messy.

For those of you who are all cuddled up in bed and just can't get warm, opt for one of our heaters with an included remote control. Don't get up to grab another blanket, just reach over and grab the remote. Heat up your room without ever getting up and you'll be able to drift back to dreamland in no time.

Don't let the cold creep into your life. Instead, sit back, relax, and turn up your brand new heater from VMInnovations. It may be cold outside, but you've got the heat.