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Household Appliances

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Lean, Mean, Anything-Machines

Zoom through your home and clean up that to-do list of yours with household appliances that strike your fancy and make your home warmer, cooler, cleaner, and just plain funky fresh.

From taking the edge off that winter chill with an infrared space heater or desk heater, to stirring up some major air flow in your space with a window air conditioner or floor fan, or even enjoying more pure and crisp air with a HEPA air purifier, humidifier, or dehumidifier in your humble abode, we are here to create a delightful and comfortable ambience thatís full of good vibes.

When your carpet and floors arenít so fresh and need some loviní, we have a generous online aisle full of handheld, upright, canister, stick, and robotic vacuums at your service. Our steamers and pocket mops bring the heat, do wonders for your hard floor surfaces, and make cleaning and steaming a good ole time.

Good times happen in the laundry room too, you know, and when it comes to the room where all of the good dirt goes, we have washer and dryer combination machines that soak and dry your troubles away and make your life easier - one load at a time.